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A little bit about us. . . .

We believe that business executives and owners have the right to send and receive secure and confidential emails that cannot be read by others.

We also believe that if employees have the right to access their personal email account while at work, they should be able to do so without fear of their mail being read by others.

That's why we provide solutions for corporations, and for people too.

It is widely known that POP3 is not a secure email protocol, because it is a plain text protocol that transmits user names and passwords in the clear with no encryption. Anyone (literally, anyone) on a private network can easily sniff and capture email passwords of any email account accessed from any PC on the network. Likewise, sniffers can capture passwords for HotMail, AOL and other non-secure web-browser based email systems.

Sniffers can be installed on any PC and monitor traffic to and from all computers on the same network. A search on Google will turn up dozens of free sniffers that can be downloaded and quickly installed without any special skills or training. The IT department has them, who else does?

In an average company there are at least several people - some in the IT department, some not - with the ability to easily and undetectably read your email or steal your passwords if they want to. No matter who you are or what you do, all of your email including company email, personal email - even HotMail or Yahoo - can be read by these folks with or without their boss asking them to do it. And don’t forget about the folks at your local ISP.

Ask yourself - could the interception of a confidential email cost you money? Could customer data be lost, or worse - made public, resulting in a lawsuit? Could a competitor gain advantage by reading your email? Competitors could even include fellow employees competing for the next promotion.

Regardless of who or where you are on the corporate ladder, email that is not secure could be a problem for you. Famous last words: "Nobody in our company would ever do something like that...."

4SecureMail was founded in Feb. 2003 to solve a particular email security problem for the CEO of a major U.S. corporation. After a successful deployment, the idea was expanded to create a simple, low-cost and effective commercial secure email solution. We wanted a solution that would be equally accepted by individuals, employees and employers as well as provide compliancy for HIPAA, GLBA and the coming generation of new security requirements.

The 4SecureMail system was designed to make email secure, with three goals in mind:

1. To allow anyone the ability to have private email communications without others, including their co-workers, internet service providers, or even government agencies, from being able to monitor it.

2. To offer a secure email system to financial, legal and heathcare providers to use to communicate with their clients in a way that is compliant with government regulations.

3. Use it with full security from anywhere, even from behind a firewall, with only a standard web browser or standard email client and with no software to install.

We put it all together on a high-end platform to provide 99.99% uptime using high-end Athlon servers, enterprise-class Cisco networking gear, multiple Tier 1 backbone connections, fully redundant power and all of the usual bells and whistles you would expect to find in a 21st Century secure email provider.

With 4SecureMail you can be sure that all services are backed up with first class infrastructure with an experienced and concerned management team.

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