Secure Email via 4SecureMail Includes Two Levels Of Email Security

4SecureMail Offers Two Levels of Security: SSL & SecureVault

4SecureMail operates securely using SSL over the Web or through your existing email client without the need for additional software, certificates or complicated installations. Our secure Webmail and POP/IMAP with SSL is sufficient security for most people, especially if you keep most of your sensitive email internal, i.e. between accounts of your own domain or others hosted by 4SecureMail. Additionally, SSL establishes an encrypted pipe to our servers providing rock-solid protection from local snooping, sniffing or monitoring that can occur within your local network, from government agencies watching your network, and even your ISP and admins at your workplace.

As a second level of protection, we also offer our exclusive SecureVault service for maximum security to any recipient beyond our network. This continues the SSL security pipe past our servers directly to the outside recipient. SecureVault meets the security needed for HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Secure Webmail

When using 4SecureMail via a Web browser (like Internet Explorer) you simply go the Web address of the 4SecureMail login page. A "padlock" will show in the lower or upper frame indicating a secure connection, along with "https://" appearing in the address line. The added "s" indicates security with SSL.

When 4SecureMail is used with Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other email client, you configure it to use our secure ports. It then works like with any other mail provider. The difference is that all email sent and received is protected by SSL/TLS security, along with our advanced Anti-Virus and Spam Filter. Most modern mail clients support SSL/TLS, and this is essential for email security with 4SecureMail.

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Encryption To Any Address

When using your 4SecureMail account to send sensitive information to outside addresses, i.e. any account outside your own domain or not hosted by 4SecureMail, use SecureVault for end-to-end security.

This exclusive service will encrypt and hold your outgoing sensitive email on our secure server, sending the recipient a simple notification of its arrival. The recipient must then login to our server to view and reply securely to the message using a web browser. Attachments are fully supported, along with many other features, including a custom logo for your company.

The default method of activating SecureVaut on a message is to include the phrase "encrypt:" or double colons "::" in the subject line of an outgoing message.

View more information on SecureVault.

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With 4SecureMail you are using VeriSign's RSA-powered SSL/TLS, the most powerful and secure form of SSL available. At the connection point, well before any login or password information is entered, you are communicating over a secure channel.

Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

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