SSL Certificate For Email Domain Hosting - All Domain-Hosted Plans:

Most customers choose to use our shared certificate for their secure email domain hosting, as it provides the same level of security as would one under your own company name. However, you do have the option of having one registered uniquely for your domain host and company name. In order to do this, we will need to assign you an IP address that is unique to your domain host as well.

There are some benefits of having your own secure certificate/IP:

  1. Your secure certificate is registered under your own company name, which is sometimes required for regulatory compliance.
  2. When accessing webmail, you won't be redirected to our shared secure domain, i.e. you'll see your domain at top of the web browser during the session instead of ours.
  3. At your option, you can use your certificate domain host as your incoming/outgoing mail servers for POP3/SMTP/IMAP access instead of our shared hostname.
  4. SecureVault notifications will direct recipients to a secure server using your certificate instead of ours.

It is required that your SSL certificate be registered with the same company name as the "Registrant Name" in your domain WHOIS entry. So please be sure this is correct with your domain registrar or web-hosting provider and is the name you'd like to use before signing up. You will also need to choose a domain host. This will be the "Common Name" of your certificate and the server hostname for your domain at 4SecureMail. Usually this is, however it can be any subdomain you like, even your top-level domain if you don't have a website. An A record for this hostname will need to be present in your domain's DNS zone file pointing to your unique IP, and your MX will point to this. Our engineers can assist you with this if needed.

Please note that we cannot install 3rd party certificates on our server. You must purchase a new one from us, along with the IP address. The good news is we have a special arrangement with a major certificate provider that will allow you to purchase a fully qualified SSL certificate at a substantial savings over most providers.

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