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4SecureMail Advantage over Other Email Providers - Why Choose Us?

It's all about security. This is the most obvious reason most choose us over any other provider. We are focused on maintaining the security and privacy of your email where others aren't. But there are many more specific reasons people choose us over other providers especially those that provide free accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Here are 10 of them:

  1. With many other providers, SSL/TLS encryption is not always enforced or encouraged, so local snoops could read your incoming and outgoing mail, as well as learn your passwords! This is how agencies, such as the NSA, can monitor email without anyone, not even the service provider, from knowing. Think of it as tapping an unsecure phone line. 4SecureMail is focused on keeping your email secure, supporting new technologies such as Perfect Forward Secrecy & TLS v1.2 with the latest web browsers and mail apps.

  2. They do not offer many of the extra features 4SecureMail provides with every account for free, such as a highly configurable challenge-response spam blocker, full pop/imap support, and advanced encryption services such as SecureVault, allowing for HIPAA compliance.

  3. Others, particularily free providers, profit off you by displaying ads while you read your email, and usually these ads are based on the content of your messages! With such sophisticated background scanning going on in your Inbox, who knows what else they might be doing with your data or providing to advertisers or government agencies...your email address? data on use of suspicious phrases?
    On March 1, 2012, Google changed their privacy policy to make it even easier for them to do this by collecting the online habits of users across all their services and storing them in one place. 4SecureMail does not collect any information like this about our users, nor do we need to.

  4. Hackers, spammers and viruses tend to target well known providers simply because there are more customers there to target and more "tools" available to them on the black market to use and refine in their attempts.

  5. Well known providers, most notably Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, and Google force you to use the same username/password for all different features of their service, e.g. social networking, IM and email. This greatly increases the likelihood a hacker could obtain your password and hack into your email.

  6. These other providers generally also get bogged down by millions of accounts given away for free. Since they are less secure, spammers are continuously pounding them further slowing down their servers. This can result in significant delays in your email delivery.

  7. Their accounts are not fully anonymous. The IP address of the sender is visible to the recipient with just a couple mouse clicks. In fact, their user access information is logged and stored for months, if not years, and is occasionally made available to others via court order or may be obtainable via pretext.

  8. We are a smaller company compared to these others, some of which have thousands of employees, and many of those employees have administrative access to your email. At 4SecureMail only a few well-trusted individuals have admin access to the servers. Email is also stored on disk in an encrypted or propietory format, further securing it. In addition, our email services are not outsourced to anyone.

  9. The more bigger or well-known the mail provider, the more government agencies insist on having some degree of access to them given the large volume of data they handle. For example, we all have heard about the problems Blackberry (RIM) has had in India and Saudi Arabia, along with Google's issues in China. They don't make it public knowledge what is really going on behind the scenes, but it isn't too difficult to figure out it's about security and government access to it.

  10. Our customer service is top-notch, always with fast responses to your inquires, even outside of business hours.

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