Secure Domain Email Hosting

Email Domain Hosting

This means that your email address will be “you” at “your”. All 4SecureMail business accounts include email domain hosting.

For many businesses, email domain hosting is an essential part of branding and increases the credibility of the company. If you do not have, or don't wish to use your own domain, you can order a 4SecureMail personal or family account, or you can get a domain from one of these registrars. You can also establish a secure sub-domain, more on this in a moment.


The following outlines the requirements for 4SecureMail to host a domain name for secure email. All of our business plans include support for hosting domain email. Please read through the below sections before signing up for a business plan and if you have any questions or unsure of the requirements at any point in the process, please contact our domain administrators at:

Domain Name Setup

Once you have a domain (new or existing), you have two options as far as directing mail to our server. The first option is to update your MX (Mail Exchange) record in your domain's DNS zone file to point to our server here at 4Securemail. This is the preferred method, especially if you currently have a Web site hosted elsewhere.

The alternative option is to let us handle DNS for your domain. In this case, you simply change your domain's DNS servers to us. Our DNS server information and settings will be provided to you once your service plan is purchased. Either way you do this, it's pretty easy - and of course just contact us if you need help or if you simply want us to do it for you. We don't mind, and we are quite experienced with this.

If you already have a own domain/website hosted with a hosting company or ISP. Nothing will change about the way your existing website or domain is handled. We have a lot of experience with this, because all of our business customers use their own domain name. For all email domains, there is a DNS entry that tells the world where your email account is located, for example A simple MX (Mail Exchange) record update is all that is needed. Your website can continue to be hosted where it is now, or be moved to another location. Your email will be

Special Purpose Option: Some of our business customers intend to leave their existing email service in place and add a 4SecureMail service to be used only by key personnel for special circumstances where security is required. This can be accomplished easily and without registering a new domain, by simply using a secure sub-domain (eg: Users of secure accounts, when set up as a secure sub-domain, would have secure email addresses that look like this: Please contact us if this is required, there is no additional charge to set this up. However you decide to do it, just let us know. We are flexible.


SSL Certificate

In order to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) with secure domain mail, it is required that the email server have an SSL certificate installed to protect the domain. The 4SecureMail service includes VeriSign SSL protection for your domain mail under the common name This means that all email sent from or to your domain will be addressed like, however when your users set up their account in their email software they will specify the mail server as More about this here.


Account Management

Once your domain is setup on our servers, you may access your domain email account master control panel through a Web browser to add email addresses, configure mailbox sizes, etc. Also, each user will have their own control panel to administer their own account (aliases, forwarding, spam options, etc.) after you have created their account through the master control panel. All configuration takes place instantly. You may even configure a catch-all account to capture any mail that might have arrived to unknown or misspelled accounts on your domain.


Migration to 4SecureMail

If you currently have your email going through another provider, keep in mind that nothing will change until you either update your existing MX records or update your domain to point to our DNS. Once the change is made, it normally takes 24-48 hours for most servers on the Internet to see it. During that period, some email might arrive at your old provider and some on our servers. 4SecureMail has a unique feature that can automatically check the account with your old provider during the transition, to make sure that no email is left stranded in the old account. For customers with large amounts of email traffic or with many accounts to move, we can assist you in the migration process and make it easier for you. Contact us for additional details.

Secure Email Domain Hosting

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